Choosing a Colour

Choosing A Colour

Colour affects mood and the way you perceive the ambience of a space. Cool colours are calming and warm colours energize a room. Pair a warm colour with a cooler complement to create energy.To make a small room appear larger, paint it a pale, cool colour. To make a large room feel more cozy, use warm colours or darker, more intense hues.You want one room to flow naturally into the next although you don’t have to use the same colour. Select complimentary color schemes, or vary the intensity of one hue.Highlight a favorite painting or rug by letting it inspire your colour scheme.The trick is to choose a paint colour that blends with the piece instead of matching it exactly.

Neutrals blend in with other colours. They are considered “safe” wall treatments. If you’re selling your home, most potential buyers have an easier time visualizing their furnishings when looking at neutral walls