Pure Tung Oil - Organoil

Product Description


Genuine Pressed Tung Oil or China Wood Oil is obtained from the seeds of a tropical tree called the Tung tree. The finish dries clear and shows minimal darkening with age.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Contains 100% Natural Oil
  • A Natural Sealant
  • A hard resinous Oil
  • When cured impervious to water, alcohol and mild acetones.
  • Non combustible or flammable
  • Recognized as food safe by FDA of America
  • Australian Made


Tung Nut Oil penetrates deeply into the wood’s pores, forming an almost permanent seal against moisture.

Tung Oil is also a great sealant and protector of Timber,Concrete, Terracotta, Slate and Mud Bricks.

To be used in conjunction with Organoil Citrus Terpene as a solvent/thinner.

The finish is more suited for interior or exterior/protected use rather than fully exposed exterior, due to lack of UV and mould resistance.

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