Mould Action Pre-Paint Treatment - 1L

Product Description

Mould Action Pre-Paint Treatment

Kill and remove mould with powerful antifungal Mould Action
Before you paint, kill mould & mildew with one easy wipe

Mould Action removes:

• Mould and mildew from concrete floors, walls and roof tiles
• Mould and mildew from bathrooms, kitchens, laundries
• Yellow & green stain from bricks

What is it?

Mould Action Pre-Paint Treatment is a very effective mould and mildew killer. It contains low toxicity ingredients with high antimicrobic activity. It is non-corrosive and does not contain dangerous formaldehyde or ammonia. Mould Action is biodegradable.

What does it do?

Unlike ordinary fungistats which only prevent the growth of fungus, Mould Action actually eliminates bacteria and fungi which occur on all types of surfaces. It is recommended as a surface sterilant for pre-decoration of masonry, brick, wood, plaster, etc.

How to use Mould Action

Apply Mould Action by brush, spray or wiping over the entire area to be painted, not just the visible growth areas. Fungal spores are minute and may be concealed in an area that does not look contaminated. Allow Mould Action to remain on the surface for 24 hours for complete penetration of the pores of the surface. Then rinse, wash or brush off all dead bacteria residue. Let dry thoroughly and paint.

NOTE: In very severe mould conditions it is advisable to apply a second coat of Mould Action and allow it to dry completely prior to overpainting, but be sure to paint before the next rain.


5 to 20 square metres depending on porosity of the surface and the degree of contamination.

Available sizes

Mould Action 1L

$15.00 $22.00

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