KOIMOS High Solid Floor Oil - Livos

Product Description
Product Description

A highly solid NO VOC oil that impregnates and protects parquetry, concrete and timber.

It is extremely economical, average 40 sq mt/lt.

Easy to rejuvenate, no sanding back required.

Leaving a transparent semi gloss finish

Available in various stains.

Low allergenic/ allergen free- Based on renewable raw materials and is free of harmful chemicals and solvents

Suitable for

Interior use on floors, solid wood, e.g. parquet or floorboards. Only suitable to a limited extent for dining tables and kitchen countertops.

Full Declaration

According to color tone: Linseed oil, wood oil, castor oil - natural resin ester, micronized wax, linseed oil - stand oil - natural resin ester, mineral pigments, titan dioxide, alumina, isoaliphates, zinc carbonate, silicic acid, linseed oil – wood oil – stand oil, linseed oil - stand oil, pine oil, citron oil, castor oil – stand oil, orange oil, dehydrated amino sugar, ethanol, chalk, soy lecithin and drying agents free of lead (Ca, Co, Mn, Zr).


002 Clear

064 Dark walnut

088 Smoked oak  

101 Black

Please note: Not all colors are stock items


375mls; 750mls; 2.5 Litre; 10 Litre (avaliable by special order only)


Determine the exact amount needed by doing a test application.

1st coat:    Manual application:    18 – 32 g/m²

                   Industrial application:   12 – 32 g/m²

                   One litre covers on average 40 m²

Cleaning Up

We recommend SVALOS Thinner No. 222 to clean equipment immediately after use. Alternatively mineral turps may be used.
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