Intergrain - Ultragrip - Slip Resistant Additive

Product Description

A slip resistant additive that has been formulated for use in UltraDeck, NaturalStain, DWD and UltraFloor Satin.

When added to UltraDeck, NaturalStain and DWD, UltraGrip provides a high performance, long lasting textured surface which reduces the tendency for decking and timber walkways to become slippery when wet.

When added to UltraFloor Satin, UltraGrip will provide a slip resistant surface for timber stairs, floors and ramps.


  • Where to use: Use on all decking and exterior timber walkways in UltraDeck, NaturalStain, NaturalStain Rejuvenator and DWD. Use on interior timber floors, stairs and ramps in UltraFloor Satin. Note: UltraGrip should only be added to UltraFloor Satin as the grip texture will dull a Gloss finish.
  • Mix ratio (optional): 500G suitable for 10L can
  • Number of coats: UltraGrip must be added to EACH coat
  • Dry time: Refer to UltraDeck/ NaturalStain/ DWD / UltraFloor Satin Packaging
  • Clean up: Water





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