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Intergrain Reviva is a high strength cleaner that contains oxalic acid and citric acid, both naturally occurring, bio-degradable organic acids. Use Reviva to clean all timber prior to coating. Reviva will help restore and prepare weathered, grey, rust or tannin stained, mould or mildew affected timber to a clean appearance ready for coating.

When used in combination with IntergrainPowerPrep, Reviva can also be used to avoid the weathering process, and enable immediate coating of new bare timber. Specially formulated PowerPrep helps draw out the tannin and oils quickly and remove them from the new timber surface. Then, Reviva cleans the timber and prepares it for coating.

STAGE 1 OF THE ENHANCED DWD TRI-SHIELDAPPLICATION SYSTEM:  Intergrain Reviva Timber Cleaner (STAGE 1), then Intergrain Dimension 4(R)  UltraPrimer (STAGE 2), then Intergrain DWD(R)  (STAGE 3). ALWAYS apply DWD in accordance with this process to ensure maximum lifespan from the coating.

Note: Reviva can assist in the removal of timber stains, but is not designed to remove paint or other timber coatings. To remove coating in good condition, a combination of Intergrain Liquid 8(R) Timber Stripper and power washing, or sanding is recommended. To remove coatings in poor condition, a combination of Intergrain PowerPrep and power washing is recommended. Always use Reviva to clean timber and prepare it for coating following coating removal. For best results, significantly weathered, grey or mouldy timber should be sanded back to a fresh surface before applying Reviva.


  • Where to use: All exterior timber including decking, garden furniture, weatherboards, pergolas, window frames, trim, fences and marine timbers.
  • Coverage m2/L: 10
  • Mix ratio (optional): ONE (1) part Reviva to FOUR (4) parts water
  • Number of coats: 1
  • Clean up: Water


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