Clay Paint - Zero VOC

Product Description

ROCKCOTE Clay Paint is an environmentally friendly natural product that delivers a stunning traditional flat finish.Clay Paint has outstanding opacity that can support a full range of colours from its natural Grecian white through to the brightest colours imaginable. Being vapour permeable, Clay Paint allows air to pass through, assisting in the evaporation of moisture from the surface and therefore will not support the growth of mould, mildew or fungi


•Water-based •Easy to use •Free from dangerous chemicals •Low embodied energy •Fully recyclable, easily incorporated back into the environment •7.5 Year warranty


•Clay Paint evokes a softer, subtler mood effect than low sheen finishes that can reflect artificial light •Low to no odour •No residual off-gassing of chemicals •Resists dirt and stain


•Suitable for interior use only •The super flat finish provides the added benefit of hiding plasterboard defects in open plan modern homes •This zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) paint is ideal for users who are health conscious and concerned about environmental air pollution and indoor air quality


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