Citrus Terpene - Organoil

Product Description

Organoil Citrus Terpene a sustainable bi-product extracted from “Citrus” waste by distillation and is bio-degradable.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • A substitute for mineral turps.
  • Made of 100% Natural Oil
  • Biodegradable
  • Dissolves grease
  • Removes stains
  • *Flammable Liquid


Undiluted Citrus Terpene can replace a wide variety of products including Mineral Turpentine, Acetone and Tolulene. It can also be combined with a surfactant to produce household cleaners.

It is an ideal thinner for Tung oil, to assist with penetration of the oil into porous surfaces i.e., timber, concrete, mud brick, slate, terracotta etc.

It is an effective cleaner and will dissolve grease, remove stains i.e. lipstick ,wax, printers ink, glue chewing gum, crayons, bitumen and many other “stubborn to remove substances - even if those substances were derived from petroleum sources.

Citrus Terpene has greater “cutting” power than mineral Turpentine and can be used as an alternative whenever the use of Turpentine is called for.

Read Safety notes and Warnings on can.

NB - The product in the cans is perfect however some of the cans have faded labels as they had been in the sun and some of the cans have surface rust on the lids due to efflorescence - this does not affect the product just the can appearance

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