Woodguard - Organoil

Product Description

A highly penetrative, light plant oil/beeswax interim wood protector. Designed for a 1 coat only application to assist in Seasoning new timbers that are high in moisture, catering for exposed, raw timber’s needs prior to final finishing.

Organoil Woodguard will assist in the reduction of weather-staining, tannin (and other nutrient) leach-out, as well as structural / "shape" problems arising from rapid moisture intake / loss. Timbers that are fully exposed to the elements should be cleaned ( see preparation sheet) prior to application of one coat (only) of Finishing product Note: Timbers treated with Woodguard that are not fully exposed to the elements will need to be sanded prior to application of finishing product (one coat only).

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Made from 100% Pure Natural Oils and Waxes
  • Specifically formulated to resist the harsh climate conditions in Australia and New Zealand
  • Reduces tannin leach from Hardwoods as well as reducing surface checking, splitting and warping
  • Suitable for new exterior, untreated timber decking, joists/bearers, cladding, joinery, posts/rails etc.
  • Australian Made


Exterior – New, untreated timber Decking, Joists/Bearers, Posts/Rails, Cladding, Joinery, Pergolas, Garden Furniture etc.

Interior - Proposed internal feature timbers that may be exposed during construction.

One coat (only) externally offers approx. 3 months protection under full U/V and takes the place of the first Finishing coat. Timbers should then be washed down using Organoil Wash-A-Way allowed to dry prior to applying 1 coat (only) of Organoil Decking Oil.


Hardwood 1st Coat 7-12Sq Mtrs/Ltr

Softwoods 1st Coat 3-7Sq Mtrs/Ltr

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