Builders Filler - 1KG

Product Description

A multipurpose, high performance, premium lightweight filler
for painters, builders & construction. technically advanced,
unique formula is easy spreading, reducing sanding time to remove
heavy texture.

It is a High Performance Premium Lightweight Filler designed for professional use to repair damaged architraves, window frames, sashes, furniture, steel, fiberglass,fibre cement, masonry, tiles etc dismantling or replacement.

Light weight, easy to mix & apply, will not slump.

Sets fast, 15 -30 minutes depending on temperature & conditions.

can be used on yimber, architraves, window frames, sashes, furniture, steel, fiberglass, fibre cement,masonry, tiles

Combines good filling, smooth spreading properties and self- leveling formula provides a free free of voids, making the filler easy to shape and work.

Incorporates advanced air release agents that allow entrapped air to migrate to the
surface and after spreading. The technology combined with the vacuum processing insures a pinhole and void surface when mixed and applied properly.

Shows the easiest sanding property and will not clog sanding paper, especially with sanding machines.

It quickly provides superior adhesion to various substrates, including timber, steel, aluminum, tiles etc

It insures faster and easier sanding & can be nailed, drilled, screwed, planed or used as an adhesive.

it is stain resistant, for use internal & external. 

$10.00 $23.00

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