Intergrain - Liquid 8 Timber Stripper

Product Description

Intergrain Liquid 8 Timber Stripper is a fast acting, easy to use, water soluble gel timber finish and paint remover.

Timber Stripper’s low odour and non-drip, citrus based gel formula allows for a safe and easy application on all horizontal and vertical surfaces.

With excellent softening and penetration, it quickly and effectively removes most water and solvent based coatings including marine, automotive and industrial paints, acrylics, polyurethanes and varnishes.

Timber Stripper is gentle on the surface and will not darken timber like some traditional strippers.


  • Where to use: On all interior and exterior timber, metal, brick and masonry surfaces.
  • Coverage m2/L: 4
  • Number of coats: 1
  • Dry time: 15-20 minutes reaction time.
  • Clean up: Water



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