Diggers - Raincoat - 1L

Product Description
DESCRIPTION Diggers RainCoat™ is an invisible, water repelling surface treatment for all types of masonry. It is designed to provide long-term protection against weathering, staining and mildew. TYPICAL USES • Preserves the natural texture and appearance of masonry • Provides surface protection for: natural stone, bricks, asbestos cement sheets, gypsum plaster, ceramic tiles (UNGLA200), terrazzo, concrete and cement renders FEATURES • Unique silicone based water repellent • Most paints (except cement-based) can be applied over Diggers RainCoat • Prolongs the substrate’s life by preventing moisture penetration • 10 year working life (dependant on conditions) • Coverage per litre: 6m2 - Hard brick and concrete 4m2 - Cement render and fibre cement 3m2 - Concrete blocks, soft bricks and sandstone 2m2 - Thermalite
$10.00 $20.00

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