Livos - Natural Oils

  • We offer healthier, sustainable and more economical alternatives to the traditional coating systems.

    The Livos products are manufactured under the Rudolf Steiner principle of using natural raw materials that are completely biologically degradable.

    All products have a FULL ingredient listing with no harmful chemicals. Due to the nature of the products one can easily repair or rejuvenate a surface without the need of resanding. The product range is extremely versatile and may be used on many various surfaces.

    As part of the company, we also supply the service of sanding and oiling timber floors, including oiling of concrete floors in Victoria and interstate.

    Livos Germany manufacture under the guiding principles of:

    • Sustainable economic management
    • Closed material cycles
    • High technical quality
    • Consciousness and self-reliance of the consumer
    • Acting for the benefit of customers
    • Environment protection

    From a health perspective, the products are:

    • Free of toxic substances
    • Selected solvent-free products
    • No development of harmful vapours during application
    • No harmful gas emission from the dried oil or paint
    • Harmonizing effect on the indoor climate
    • Antistatic effect, i.e. reduction of dust exposure

    From an ecological aspect the products are:

    • Based on renewable raw materials
    • Completely biodegradable ingredients
    • Safe for humans, animals, plants, even in direct contact
    • Production without environmental impact
    • Easy recycling
    • Human, environment, and posterity compatibility

    From a technical and end users point of view and benefits:

    • High quality standard
    • Easy application with all established procedures
    • Easy renovation possibilities
    • Economical usage
    • An intermediate sanding is the exception
    • Special effects with simple application
    • Easy care


    Livos Australia supply products to home renovators and the building industry that are ecologically sustainable. Their products use organically sourced natural raw materials. They are recyclable and biodegradable, cause no harm to the environment and are easy and a pleasure to use.  Besides this, the business owners are committed to educating professionals, tradespeople and the layperson alike, on building sustainably and keeping buildings healthy. They provide efficient and effective advice to people using or specifying their products and they actively connect those interested in sustainability with each other. For years, alongside their products, Livos have been promoting green living, at festivals, lectures, on the internet, etc. and taught and inspired many, with their practices. They deserve a Green Award as recognition for the way they have chosen to conduct their business and the wonderful example they set for others. Lynnsay Prunotto Architect

    We are so happy with your Livos oil in our superpodhome project. We used your oils on our Australply Hoop Pine Ply cabinet work and linings.  The oil is lovely to work with and enhances the timber without being overly shiny. We also used your oils on our concrete slab floor.  Again, the oils were just beautiful to work with.  A true confession, we oiled the floor in bare feet with no worries about getting any of it on our skin.  It smells so beautiful you can just tell it is environmentally friendly! Please tell your supporters that if they want to build an environmentally friendly home, they can talk to us about a superpod podhouse, which uses virtually no heating (in Victoria Australia), and no aircon either!  Good for our environment, and so great to live in.  Fiona McKenzie, Founding Director Superpod Pty Ltd

    Linda and I went to see the floor this afternoon and we both very much like the result – it has brought the concrete floor to life and it is quite a rich surface.  I’m very glad we found out about the Livos approach as it is much more preferable to us than the toxic polyurethane type of treatment. Linseed and beeswax are familiar aromas to me and actually quite pleasant. Robert has done a great job, and it must have been tricky because we have only one wall that has a skirting board. So, thanks for your assistance and patience with us changing start times etc. and to Robert for doing a terrific job in a very hot week. Cheers, Richard & Linda

    I had my tasmanian oak floors treated by Anro floors 10 years ago and was thrilled with the results.The use of non toxic chemicals was a high priority to me, having a family.
    The floors coped well with a growing family and pets and  to this day still look rich and enhanced. I have had no reservations recommending this floor treatment to many friends and family. Thank you Angela and Rob. Jan Ure Interior Decorator

    In early 2011 the City of Yarra was looking for a more environmentally friendly method of treating its historic Town Hall Floors. It was decided to use Livos Australia to sand and oil the stage floor in the Fitzroy Town Hall as it was in very poor condition. The benefits we found were a minimal impact from smell and disruption compared to traditional synthetic coatings. Also given the floor is used for public functions it is regularly scratched by hirers of the hall. We found that the floor was quickly and easily repaired without the need to re sand the surface. I would not hesitate in recommending Livos Australia for other projects. David Laidlaw Executive Project Engineer City of Yarra

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